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Hi. I'm Drew. I am a California surfer dude, dad, designer, artist and mess maker. I've been making and destroying things in my garage since I could remember. I've built chopper bikes, gocarts, fishing spears, finger-slicing machines and other idle teen's weapons of art and destruction. My father owned a bowling ally and motors, spare parts and tools lay at my disposal. Winter's were never dull. The products I want to create will be designed and made with the smallest footprint possible, high quality process's and without compromising performance or aesthetics. Function, progression and beauty are essential. I'm looking to hear your thoughts, ideas and opportunities. I'd like to share my work creations and story with additional events, promoters and activities that pertain to the California dream, modern design, surf culture and our environment. Retailers, art reps and content creators welcome. Contact me. Drew Dougherty, Maker, Designer, Founder.

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