Modern Peoples is a product design, think tank and brand idea incubator. The purpose is to create smarter products that fit our passions and see what sticks. Design and build with ethics; they may last forever, return to the earth, have smaller carbon footprint, be up-cyclable and recyclable, be produced sustainably, inspire emerging markets, cottage industry and grass-roots movements, reduce waste, reduce pollution reduction, inspire composting, be fun, ingenuous and news worthy. [Read on...]

GYRE inspired recycled surf fins.

Our recyclable plastic longboarding fins made from repurposed plastic are currently touring with Precious Plastics LA and the adidas Parley "run for the oceans" event. Hand shaped, one of a kind Longboard or SUP fins are hand shaped from salvaged HDPE plastic collected from beaches, rivers and out of trash bins. It's 100% salvaged material, lighter than fiberglass and they float too. [Shop Here...]

360 Balance Board.

Simple balance board easliy produced at home low cost. Rotates and swivles like a real surfboard with smooth front, angle and side pivots. I'll post instructions and templates eventually. [Stay Tuned...]

Micro Fische surfboard.

Extremely efficient. Powerfuly designed. Shockingly fast. A custom hybrid funboard planning hull. Stringerless, chinned hard rails, custom milled and hand finished. It started a few years ago while chasing a planning hull I designed based on a mini simmons It all cumulated from a Costco Wavestorm hack. [Read the journal]

Stacked Stove.

Designed as a multi-piece, easy to store, chimenea stove. Made from recycled glass. [Stay Tuned...]

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